Saturday, June 22, 2013

Visit to the Arctic Circle - guest blogger Nikolai Thiessen

On the 19th Barton and Nikolai went the Arctic Circle. Here is Nikolai's description of the trip.

Dad and I went to the Arctic Circle on a little plane with 10 other people. When we landed we walked on a path to  the sign telling us that we had crossed the arctic circle. While we were walking on the path, local birds were dive bombing us. They looked like pigeons. 

We also saw horses and were allowed to pet them. There were puffins sitting on the rocks overhanging the water. 

We walked back and the ground service lady gave us a ride around Grimsey and we learned that there were 13 kids in the school on the island all in one classroom. There were 10 girls and 3 boys. Another 4 boys are in preschool. 

On Grimsey they call codfish baccalao and the trees grow to only 3' tall. 

Grimsey has a swimming pool, a school, a b&b, camping, houses and a population of 60 in the winter and 100 in the summer. It is 5 km across. 

When we left there were 3 other people on the plane counting the pilot and co-pilot because some people spent the night. We were given certificates saying we had been there. The co-pilot said fasten your seatbelt, turn off your mobile, your life jacket's under your seat and you know where the exits are. 

End of story. 

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