Sunday, June 30, 2013

A visit to Windsor

Today (Sunday) we visited the Windsor Golf and Country Club. What a beautiful spot! If you're looking for a vacation, check it out. It is a hotel but they also have lovely two bedroom cottages that back the golf course. There is a trail all around the property with marked paths varying from 1-5km lengths for walking or running and a lot of it is through beautiful forest - with monkeys!!!! In fact, there would be monkeys in the back yards of the cottages. It's quite lovely. 

Windsor has a really nice outdoor pool with high end food service poolside. So, needless to say we felt quite indulgent today!

Mattea swam the whole time and got on well with another little 5 year old in the pool. She has no lack of ability to meet and play with kids! Such a great age for that; before the awkwardness sets in!

We always aim to be back on campus by about 6 or 6:30 as once it gets dark you don't really want to be out in the city. We had eaten lunch so late so dinner was around 7:30 and was with a neighbour. As mom made dinner she also passed a portion on to some other neighbours coming home late from a busy day - such a wonderful community feel!!

We've been without access to the internet today so I'm writing this in the hopes of posting it later. You sure take for granted the ease with which we access communication back home. If I am able to get online and post you can assume it was with much difficulty. Often you'll be in the middle of something and the internet will cut out and you'll have to start all over. Sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes a few hours. We're used to grabbing a phone or hopping online anytime we fancy some information or to contact someone. Hopefully we don't forget once we're home how lucky we are, or maybe we'll be slightly less dependant. 

Also, we haven't heard from the guys. Mom's friend tried calling the local phone we sent with them but it said it was unavailable. Maybe the connection has been lost, maybe it's dead and they haven't been able to use it. Today should have been the day they hit the summit at sunrise and it would have been so nice to know if they did and if they're safe and not sick! Ah well, we keep telling ourselves that if something bad had happened we definitely would have heard about that! Though of course… we can't check our email!

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