Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Grocery Store

Yesterday was a quiet day around here, other than a trip into town for some groceries. We laid low and played around here. Mattea is so happy doing that - she's made great friends here and any chance they get they're out playing together. I hope she's able to keep in touch with a few of them. These days of lots of play time are the ones she'll have memories of, more so than some of the other things we've done. 

I went out with Mom and Anne for a quick jump into the grocery store. This of course wasn't the North American version of 'quick' as it involved a 30 minute side trip to a bank, another 20 minutes at a gas station and then a jaunt through a furniture store. After this we decided to split up, so I was put in charge of the grocery store while Mom and Anne went to a different shop. Armed with my list I grabbed a cart and started finding the things I need. I definitely stood out like a sore, colourless thumb. I only had to ask for a few things and learned from a lovely young man who works in the produce area that before leaving the produce area they weigh all the little bags and put price stickers on them. Small differences!! But he could tell I wouldn't do it right because I hadn't used bags for a few of my produce items. Now I know!

Price wise, a lot of the groceries are similar to home, though you have to do a quick Kenya Shilling - CAD. A few things were quite a bit cheaper, especially to NL where things like milk and eggs are on the pricy side. 

Milk only seems to come in 3% 3.5% or whole and eggs sit on the shelf all day, not in the fridge. There are even some brands of milk that come in little plastic packs that sit on a shelf. So many varieties of fruit juice!!! The fruit is lovely and mangos and avocados are HUGE ( like avocados the size of gourds).

As an aside: the green grocery called "Zucchini" fresh squeezes juice every day, and makes a delicious juice out of pineapple and mint… mmm…  1 litre is $1. So good. They also make a 'tree tomato' juice which doesn't taste like tomato at all.

I had a totally successful grocery shop and other than accidentally going into the express aisle and being kindly corrected I don't think I made a fool of myself. 

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