Saturday, June 22, 2013

A quick update

We've been non stop since we hit the ground here in the United Arab Emirates yesterday at 3:30am. We were at the hotel by 4 and sleeping by 5, which sort of felt like 1am but nastier. We forced ourselves up at 10:30 so we'd get to breakfast on time and since then have swam in the roof top pool, skiied inside a mall at Ski Dubai, we've scaled (took the elevator) the tallest building in the world - the beautiful Burj Khalifa - we've shopped a bit, slept a bit and then spent 8 hours at the Wild Wadi Waterpark, where Riley and I had fish massages - look it up (video to come) The whole day was awesome!! Apparently it was 45* today but honestly it didn't feel like it. I've been watching the forecast thinking we wouldn't manage it but its glorious. Usually just a breeze off the water. After the park we walked to the Souks where we ate dinner and had ice cream. Now, we're ready for bed again !!! I can't believe we'll be in Africa this time tomorrow night!!! Dubai is pretty cool. I wish we had another day but file it under the "to return" pile. Bridger wants to move here because we saw a Lamborghini. Lovely people, so busy and diverse. We've barely brushed the surface - I'm not sure we'll even see the beach! We weren't very well prepared with adaptors so not everything is charged... and its been busy! Pics as soon as I can!!  Have a good sleep everyone.

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