Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conversations with TJ - Part One (because I'm pretty sure there will be lots of these)

There are two brothers here on the campus, sons of the Chaplain. TJ is almost 13 and his brother is 9. The reason I call him TJ's brother is because I got him to spell his name which he pronounced completely differently and now I have forgotten both. I will have to find out a way to get his name again without sounding like the village idiot because I can't remember. I'm trying to get them all straight but there's a couple I'm struggling with. Regardless, they're all stealing little pieces of my heart.

TJ and his brother are very inquisitive and very knowledgeable. The only thing that would make reading snipits of our conversations better would be if you could hear their beautiful accents. I have learned that it is assumed Kenyans speak three languages. They speak Swahili, their own mother tongue and then they do all of their education in English, which is usually impeccable with a beautiful vocabulary.

So, here is my first instalment of conversations with TJ:

TJ - So you live in Canada?
ME - Yup
TJ - Do you live in a gated estate?
ME- Erm… no…
TJ - Why not?
ME - Well, we don't have much crime, so we don't need a gate.
TJ - So there are no robbers?
ME - Well there are some, but it's pretty safe. Sometimes I leave my door unlocked.
TJ - Whoa. 
ME - Do you feel unsafe when you go out?
TJ - Well, not really but there are places I don't go. If you have to go there you wear shoes you've been wearing for 5 years. If you wear new shoes you will never see them again. If you ride your new bike there it will be the first and last time you see it.


TJ - Where do your children go to school?
ME - It's a day school close to our house
TJ - What is it called?
ME - Holy Trinity. They go to school in French
TJ - Why french?
ME - Because canada has two official languages, so we thought it would be good if they spoke french
TJ - Well, I'd hate that. I hate French
ME - Ooookay. How come?
TJ - I hate all languages except English
ME - But don't you speak three languages?
TJ - Yes…

TJ's brother - What country do you come from?
ME - Canada
TJ's brother - In which state?
ME  - They're provinces. Newfoundland. It's an island off the east coast of Canada
TJ's brother - So it snows every day?
ME - No - It's summer there now so it's getting nice and warm. But in winter it feels like the inside of your fridge (the only way I can explain the temps in canada because it's FREEZING for them at 14* and they just can't imagine)
TJ's brother - Have you been to the states?
ME -  Yes
TJ's brother - Which ones?
ME - List of states including California
TJ's brother - Hollywood?
ME - Yes
TJ's brother - Disneyland?
ME - Yup
ME - Are you learning about the states?
TJ's brother - No, but I have been there 
ME - Why?
TJ's brother - Holidays.

of course…


TJ - To which countries have you been?
ME - List of countries including UAE
TJ - I love Dubai. I love the water park
ME - Me too! that was fun!
TJ - Did you go to the desert safari?
ME - No, we didn't have time. I really wanted to!
TJ - Did you go to the tallest tower that looks like a cross?
ME - Yes
TJ - What is it now? It was a hotel when I was there
ME - Yes, still a hotel. Plus apartments and offices
TJ - It's very expensive there. $100,000 a night (not quite)
ME - Yes, we didn't stay there
TJ - That's enough to buy a house for my wife
ME - It sure would
TJ - And 4 cows…

mischevious grin


TJ - Have you seen <insert show name here> it's animation
ME - No I haven't
TJ - Your daughter is named after one of the characters
ME - Riley?
TJ - Yes. They're very racist. They hate white people
ME - Well, I probably wouldn't like it then!
TJ - Yes, when they see white people they call them bad names
TJ - It's rated R
ME - You probably shouldn't watch it then
TJ - Yeah, they say a lot of bad words

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