Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day One/Two - YYT-YHZ-KEF

After all of our 5am flights heading to Vancouver, leaving at 2:00pm was downright respectable! Of course there's always last minute running around, stops on the way etc but eventually we got there!! We checked in with plenty of time to spare and took the uneventful Porter flight to Halifax.

We had originally been scheduled to land at 9:30am which gave a ton of time to head into Halifax, visit friends and lolly gag around. A couple of months ago we were rescheduled to a later flight. It was still a long time to hang around the airport so at the last minute we rented a car and headed into Halifax. We got delicious burgers at Relish where we bumped into an old friend and headed for the park. It was a beautiful day and it was bustling with PlayOn participants. We walked, talked and then headed back to the airport.

Our second flight was on Iceland air which was a lovely airline and an easy flight, only 3.5 hours. Unfortunately where we left Halifax at 10pm and arrived 4 hours later having slept little and jumped ahead 2.5 hours in time we landed feeling pretty darn gross!! (Happy Father's Day!) It was too early to check in so we actually crashed in the car for an hour and them got pastries. Sleepy and logy we headed for Sundlaug Kopavogs - an outdoor geo thermal pool. It was busy with morning bathers who regularly enjoy the many pools of different temperatures, lane swimming, steam rooms and water slides. 

Feeling much more refreshed we headed back downtown and wandered and found a lovely little Indian restaurant for lunch. It's quite cold and drizzly (exactly what we left behind!) but we hear tomorrow is supposed to be nicer. 

By then we could check in and found ourselves in a great little two bedroom apartment on a trendy street which will suit our short stay just fine. Some of us crashed while one went for groceries. 

After a nice nap we headed back out, wandered the old streets and ate at a fire stone baked pizza place. Time to unwind and enjoy the non-sun set. We bought a pack of ice cream and are going to chill out and hopefully get a good sleep because tomorrow we're heading north!

What we've noticed so far - Icelanders have a very cool accent and an interesting language. The words are very long! Bridger thinks in general they're taller. It's a quiet, colourful and isolated area much like home (NL) but with the healthier, more active, hip style of Europe. Lots of wool, they eat whale and puffin and kids seem to be accommodated readily. 

That's all for now!!

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