Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hot springs and volcanoes

The sun was shining and it was 14 degrees with a cool wind when we woke up. Barton went out for breakfast groceries only to find the grocery store doesn't open until 11! Note to self! But the bakery was... Pastries and left over hard boiled eggs and oatmeal got us ready for the day.

We left for Myvatn, a hot springs about an hour away, stopping though first at the peak of a pass so the boys could touch snow, determined to touch snow on all continents of our trip (more on that later). 

We also stopped at Godafoss, another beautiful waterfall. 

Close to Myvatn we picked up lunch groceries (it's quite expensive to eat here!!) and headed in. The hot baths were amazing. It was a large outdoor pool geo thermally heated and surrounded by beautiful scenery. We had the pool almost to ourselves for a short while before the tour buses arrived though it was never uncomfortably busy. We spent about an hour in the pool and then picnicked outside. 

From there we went to Hverfjall, a tuff ring volcano,and walked the path up to the rim. The strangest thing about Iceland and this spot in particular, is looking out in one direction it looks like endless brown desert. In the other, it is green and lush with lakes and huge snowy mountains. If I showed you the two pics separately you would swear I was in two very different spots. 

From there we came back and BBQ'd supper all in agreement that we like this place. 

All throughout the day as we came further and further into the mountains Barton started muttering about not having his skiis. He's not impressed! And we were allowed two extra bags and we didn't use them!!! He is currently scoping out the nearby ski hill. He had looked into it before coming here and any of the companies that will fly, cat or sled you up the mountains shut down early June. Missed it by *that* much. Now he's wishing he could just be hiking the hills all day. Plus, 24 hours of light?? There's no end to the day!!

There is another geo thermally heated (outdoor) pool up the street so after dinner some went there and some headed out. It was another beautiful night to step out the door and walk the pretty streets. 

It goes against everything I have ever felt to go to bed while the sun shines and the birds chirp. Unfortunately as I don't have time here to enjoy all nighters and have done little to switch time zones I need to sleep. Its another long day tomorrow as it ends with a drive back down to Reykjavik. 

Akureyri has officially been put on the "to return" column. 

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Love it, Carm! Thanks for keeping us updated.