Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Fashion of Packing for Six - Fourth Stop: Nairobi, Kenya

And yet another extremely unique stop on our Quadra Continental Epic Adventure. One last consult to The Weather Network tells me that late June and early July in Nairobi is an average of 22 degrees. The mornings and evenings cool off, so all of those combinations and layers of clothes will come in handy. Light sweaters to throw on, walking length shorts and skirts and sun hats. Mom says locals don't really wear shorts because it's 'too cold' but for us it'll be so lovely and warm I have no doubt we'll be living in them.

She also says her Kenyan students dress up quite professionally for university classes, dinners and church, so if we are to be involved with any of that we should come prepared.

We will be going on safari and they say beige-y type clothes are the best bet because they don't look so dirty. It won't be scorching but we'll keep hats on hand and again, the same type of long sleeved shirts to detract bugs.

Many areas of Kenya are Muslim, especially along the coast where we hope to visit Mombassa. Here we'll practise some of the habits we learned in the UAE.

What I love about what I'm seeing in Kenyan fashion is the colours. Man are we Canadians boring?! With a wide range of clothing from Western to highly traditional, Kenyans have a style all their own. Street style photos posted online show a lot of colour and patterns and many different head coverings; so much jewelry...

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