Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Officially Booked!!

Clicked DONE on the trip plans. Itinerary:

June 15th 2013: St John's to Halifax (9am)
Halifax to Reykjavik, Iceland 10pm

June 16: Arrive in Iceland 5am.

June 20th: Depart Iceland for London England, pass through to Dubai, UAE.
June 21st: Arrive Dubai 5am

June 23rd: Depart Dubai 3:00pm for Nairobi, Kenya AFRICA!!!

July 11th: Depart Kenya through Dubai to London, United Kingdom.
July 12th: Arrive London 12noon

July 14th: not booked yet but we'll need to get home! Waiting for that flight to come down in $$$

So excited - so scary pushing that last button!!!

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