Saturday, February 16, 2013

Passport Fiasco

I always get a bit panicky when it comes time to renew passports... between name changes and pictures without smiles and signing on the proper lines and not going into the blue border it's finicky stuff! I find it interesting that considering the chaos of crossing borders these days it's actually getting easier to get your Canadian passport. Gone are the days when only a doctor or lawyer who has known you for more than 3 years would have to sign your photos and papers, now it can be a family member or neighbour. Also available now is the 'simplified adult renewal' form. No guarantors, no signed photos, just a quick form. You can also fill it all in online and print it off.

Starting this July Canadian passports will have a chip in the cover containing your information, making them more tamper-proof, but adults will also have the option to take a 10 year renewal. It was hard enough knowing when I renew in 5 years I'll be 40! But 10 years ahead... yikes!!

Anyway, on with my story. So, I had all the forms filled out and pictures taken in January, ready to go any morning to head in and have them done. Our trip is not until June but Riley and I needed ours for the Orlando trip (the tour operator is pushing for them) so I figured one trip would do the trick. I made plans one day to go - then there was a storm, another day - oh what? A PD day? Needless to say weeks kept passing by. So I finally get the threat from the band committee to get those passports and I get all ready, guarantor signed and everything. I got down to the passport office (parking downtown is awful...) and the photos weren't signed... aaaaaaand the guarantor had left for Vancouver that morning. SO.... to start all over again. She kindly told me that parents can guarantor so I should be the applicant, Barton should guarantor. Back home, refilled everything out, sign it all again (including the pics!) and back downtown after lunch the next day (not nearly as good a time for parking OR for lines!). I tried to rush mine and Riley's but lo-and-behold, an adult (her first!) can't be rushed unless they ask for it in person. *sigh* Now the debate to go back downtown to rush the passport and pick up in office.

Hiccup #1800 - when the other 3 arrive in the mail we will be in BC so I have to arrange (sign a form at the post office) for someone else to pick them up or at least make darn sure they hold them until we get back!!!

BUT one more step is taken!!!! Passports... check...

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