Saturday, February 16, 2013

Road Trip!

Well, it may only be 2 hours away - not exactly an epic journey - but we took off yesterday to hit the hills of Clarenville, the White Hills... The big kids had a pro-D day and the others, well... *ahem*... came along :) We added three friends to the mix and hit the highway at 7:30am. Last year Mattea had mastered the bunny hill but she wasn't in a great mood this morning. She cried and we bickered for about an hour before calling it quits. We went in for some food and then went for a snowshoe. I'm thinking she was pretty darn hungry having not finished her breakfast in the car. She was in a really good mood as we snowshoed so I suggested we give the bunny hill another shot. This time with me on skis. This was MUCH more successful and she had a blast (though pretty tough for me!!) We stopped while she was still happy exclaiming "this is so much fun!" and doing the chicken dance on the magic carpet. She should be good and ready for Whistler next week!!!

Riley's BFF is coming along to BC and she had a great day skiing as well. Can't wait until she sees the BC mountains and discovers hooooowww loooooong it takes to get down in comparison!

Time to pack for BC.

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