Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

In some parts of the world, "April showers bring May flowers," in Newfoundland, "April ice brings May icebergs." This year we get an early treat, as we awoke this week to the bay packed full of pack ice. The ice, that usually breaks off of shores around in Laborador and the North, covered every inch of water we could see from the window. This ice comes in chunks ranging from the size of a desk to a truck, and rolls on the waves. You can go down to the beach and watch it all tumble and crash. This time, it has packed in so tightly that it looks solid, like you could walk across. Of course, there is always some 'smart person' who does walk across, often dragging a clubbed seal behind him. (No lie, I've seen this).

Today, bullying his way through the pack is a massive iceberg. It's gorgeous, it looks like one of those paper, boat hats you make. I tried to take photos, but where the ice is white, the sky is white with clouds it's not easy to take photos. Hopefully, the sky clears up soon. I did my best...

This is the first one I took, it's a bit far off and the lack of contrast... the second one I cropped and played with the colours to make it contrast more... the last one I got out the long lens and got closer... (you can click them for a larger view)

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