Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Down 1 To Go!!!!!!!!!

Well, today Barton wrote the second part to the written exam and came away feeling really good. (Yesterday was multiple choice and today was short answer.) He says he feels so much lighter he might need to go buy skinny jeans... hmmm, let's hope not... Anyway, this evening he is off again at another med meeting but at least he's DONE for now! Back to regular work and life - well, at least for a week! I think they will be able to go light until we get back from our holiday. So, that's that, and probably a little anti-climatic after all that hard work!


rhondafast said...

So, just out of curiosity, how many wrong answers are doctors allowed to get on these tests and will they tell us their scores before a visit at the walk-in clinic?

Kidding! I'm so glad phase one is done! You are incredibly patient, Carman.


Ha ha, yes, they do have a passing mark and I suppose one mark above might make you feel a little questionable about their performance! Did you know pilots only need 70% to pass?! I don't know what Barton needs... I'm pretty confident in him though! And Heck No, he will not be working in a walk in clinic!!!!!