Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Island Hopping

We have arrived!! From the glorious island of Newfoundland, to the stunning and wonderfully HOT island of the Dominican Republic/Haiti. We left yesterday at supper time on a fairly uneventful flight. Mattea of course, being the busy bee that she is, didn't really want to sit still, but she did good until she got over-tired. Then finally she crashed off to sleep. The flight was 5 hours in total and we arrived in DR at about 9:30pm local time (they're 1.5 hours behind since the most recent time change. Before that they're only 30 minutes behind.) The transfers and check in was swift and organized. We are enjoying ourselves so far and will update more when I can. Just to let y'all know we're safe and sound and having a wonderful time!!!!


Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh I wanna come! I'll bet it is warmer than the 4 degrees it is here today in NL.

Dusti said...

Wow! What a trip for you all. I had your blog saved on the laptop and am always on the desktop so I made a point today to save it to my blogroll...now I can keep up. Mattie has grown and what a cutie with the blond curly hair, are you sure you didn't pick her up somewhere:-) Aren't they sooo fun right now! I'll be watching your latest adventure.