Friday, April 3, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I am very pleased to announce that Barton received a long awaited letter today, assigning him to a date and time for his FINAL exam taking place in Ottawa. He is doing the exam on Wednesday, May 27th at 2pm Ottawa time (11am BC and 3:30pm here in NL) for two hours. Yes, he has to study for a year, pay $3000 and fly to Ottawa for a 2 hour oral exam... oh, and "parking is not available for residents so please find alternate modes of transportation to attend the examination..." Don't get me started! Barton said he'll camp on their front lawn ;)

He is very happy with this date assignment as it is the first possible day of examinations. Most residents received the same letter today so he was quickly in contact with friends away and those here to find out who 'writes' when and who he might bump into there. He does overlap with both local friends and those from UBC so he's pretty excited about catching up, commiserating and celebrating. He will fly out that Tuesday morning and return the Thursday.

You may enjoy our 'to-the-second' countdown at the top of the page! (though... he may not!)

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