Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plus One in Toronto!!!!

Every year the anesthesia residents in their 5th year go to Toronto for a 'conference' where they spend the weekend practising exams before their final medical licensing exams. B is a part of the examining team so this year I tagged along... never before has "I'm here for the food" been more correct! 
The conference location isn't in the most exciting area, but I did explore a bit, finding a great Chinese Market, I hit the IKEA and enjoyed just chilling at the very nice conference facility!
On Saturday I took the car and found my way to just outside of Oakville, the half way point to my Aunt and Uncle's house in St Catherine's. It worked out perfectly that they could meet me for coffee, and my cousin with her husband and new baby made it as well! I didn't see them much growing up as they always lived in Ontario, but little moments like this are awesome to make happen and I was thankful they were free to make it work! It was so great to reconnect, catch up and meet the adorable little Hannah!
I may have lived in Newfoundland for 10 years where the concept of "traffic" is a couple of people on the road in front of you, but I haven't lost my touch in city traffic! The 401 is ridiculous! It's quite like playing a video game. The exit system is pretty slick but if you miss that one you needed - forget about it! It was probably best I didn't get to those outlets anyway... 
Saturday night B and I hit up the Canucks vs Maple Leafs hockey game! The match up doesn't happen often and we were "lucky" enough to catch it and it was the last one before the Olympians took off for Sochi. Turns out it was one of Luongo's last games too. :( It was lots of fun to be there but pretty painful to watch the Maple Leafs win on home ice! We weren't the only Vancouver fans there though... phew!

Sunday the work was done and we drove back out to Oakville to see more cousins from B's side! We were treated to a crazy big brunch and a great time catching up before we had to head back to the airport. Short and sweet!!!

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