Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Travel Dreams Have Gone Too Far

Happy April Fool's Day! And fools we are... stuck in a snow storm and hunkered down for the day. Nothing like a snow day on April 1!!!

Last night I had the craziest dream. My dream-interpretting son has announced that it is because I have been stressing way too much about our Easter trip and the time I spent looking at flights. With all these storms can you blame me??? We did finally book the trip... and not that we're counting but in exactly 18 days and 23.5 hours we'll be airborne.

Anyway, last night I dreamt that on a month long trip (that took until the end of the dream to figure out) to BC my in-laws took us on a trip to the moon. Yes that's right. THE moon. It started out that we were in this weird area where we had to hop from floating item to floating item without being sucked out into space like George Clooney. Naturally I was quite concerned about Mattea staying put on her pool mat, you know those square things with the layered colours? Obviously THOSE are reliable for space floatation as well. I felt like I couldn't properly open my eyes, so I was always squinting or functioning with my eyes closed. It was so frustrating! But then - RELIEF! I got the call that I was accepted for an interview for law school. (Here, I guess I should admit I watched Legally Blonde until the wee hours of the morning). So I made a plan to go to the interview at noon the next day, well, better make it 1pm in case I don't get back as quickly as I thought. But I was sorry to say that my squash racquet had just drifted off into the great unknown and I would not be able to prove my (non) proficiency with it. "That's okay," he said, "we'll get to that another time."

So, we go for a walk.

And all of a sudden we're walking down a lovely rocky area.  I can still see it so vividly that I just wish I was an artist! Somewhat like I picture Albuquerque, but a bit more mountainous. There was a fun water park, and oh the pictures I took!!! People were everywhere and low and behold - I bumped into a high school friend! But I was starting to feel slightly anxious about my trip home for my law school interview and a little claustrophobic and 'stuck'. I headed off to ask about leaving early. I was told we were meant to stay 3 more days and the only flights out left once a day at 4am. I wasn't sure about the time change, so I figured it'd be best to just stay up all night. Tomorrow's transportation was on a helicopter. "How long would that take?" I wondered. More anxiety (sense a theme?) about being "stuck" on the moon for a few more days. What on earth would we do??? Well, I could leave tomorrow morning, but I would have to pay $1000... for the cups... naturally. I went to the calendar and realized that we would still have 2.5 weeks in BC if we stayed the extra 3 days. But how would I contact the law school without REALLY racking up the phone bill? Yikes. I was looking at pictures on my phone and really concerned about using 3G. When I looked, it wasn't 3G it was simply just "L".

That's gonna cost a fortune.

And then I opened my eyes and couldn't see out the window. Everything was pure white. But try as I might I couldn't close my eyes and get back to the moon.

(PS - The moon doesn't look like the photo I've used - conspiracy theory?)

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Allan G said...

What a fantastic dream. Too bad you couldn't go back. But then, would you really want to?