Thursday, May 2, 2013

When Reality Kicks In!

6 weeks and 2 days! What? Yikes!!! How on earth did that creep up so fast?!

Last week we had a fun family outing to the travel clinic for... wait for it... Yellow Fever shots! That's right - how much fun did we have??? With that out of the way we only have one batch left; three Hep A shots. We'll wait a couple of weeks for those but really, we barely have a couple of weeks! Okay, time to really think about this.

- We have no accommodations booked yet for our stops on the way to Africa but a rough plan is in place for Dubai.
- We have no idea what our plan is for Iceland...
- and still don't have tickets home from London! (Not that I'd be terribly upset to stay on there!)
- 6 weeks of school left - time to crack down instead of let it all slide. Especially because we're leaving early.
- Still so many things in the house to finish up and hopefully find someone to stay here for a month!
- Figure out how to pack for all of us and I should probably start soon so it's not a mad dash at the end
- Sell the old house!!!!!
- Make sure there's no paper work stashed here and there
- Make a huge cake on Sunday for the band party Tuesday night
- Make a plan so that last week here isn't chaos and stressful

My plan is to set out our stuff that would appear to be 'packing light'. And then cut it all in half, and then probably half again. You know you're going to wear the same stuff all the time and we have access to laundry, plus you know you're going to buy a couple of things along the way ("I scaled the Burj like Tom Cruise" t-shirts). You NEVER use as much as you pack. Think I can keep it to 4 hockey bags? Plus one full of sports equipment for the campus kids which we'll be leaving there. I'm not sure I can...

Okay, just needed to see my to do list (as IF it's this short!) while I'm panicking that the trip is so soon!


Dana said...

Ohmygoodness! We so want to do something like this with our family. It is neat that you found our blog first. I will follow along as much as possible with your adventures. You will love Iceland. If you need any help planning, just email me :) Seriously.

Mamamadu said...

I have used about a quarter of the clothes that I brought. So your half and then half again plan is probably about right. I plan on leave most of them here. I am enjoying the minimalism and will need space for gifts.