Friday, May 17, 2013

One More Stop En Route - Scotland!

I have no idea why but I've wanted to go to Scotland my whole life. I must have read something very early in school or saw something in a book because it registered and stuck. I love all things royalty and castles, I do love that accent and I've had a lifelong love of Sean Connery.

I'm super excited to announce that we won't be flying home from London as planned. Thanks to a 'sale' (term used loosely, but it cut the cost coming home in half) we will be leaving Glasgow on Tuesday the 16th. We should still get two days in London, and then take the train for two days in Edinburgh. We'll touch down in Reykjavik and come home through Halifax. It'll be a nice looooong day...

Having said that - it's quite a relief to have those flights booked. We missed the last sale because we didn't have our itinerary set yet so we let it go. Since then the flights have NOT come down. But just this morning I found the pocket we needed. Phew!!!!

I get to see castles!!! YAY!!!!

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