Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great Expectations!

So, I was crying in the Orlando airport. I tried to laugh it off as sadness over the discovery of a broken Golden Snitch pin, but the truth was, I was totally overwhelmed. On top of leaving a beautiful sunny place to go home to cold for a few more months (it was quite nice until 5 minutes ago when it started snowing), I was just realizing how amazing the past week had been.

If you think about taking 29 teenagers out of country for a week-long trip there are many different ways said trip could go. I don’t really know what I was expecting - probably a bit more chaos, a few more lost people, passports and other drama. More homesickness? More misbehaviour?

The reality was, I was not expecting to have so much fun!!! I can’t remember the last time I have laughed that hard and that often. The group is full of goofballs making you laugh at every turn, taking an adult on park rides for the first time is definitely something to do - but be careful if there are little ears around ( you know who you are!). And we experienced so many things in such a short time! 

The whole crowd truly were a blessing to spend the week with; helpful, fun, kind. I only knew a few of them going into this trip but you sure get to know people after 7 days together! Who always forgets to tuck in their shirt. Who will always be first at breakfast. Whose room is the neatest and whose... not so much. Who will pull out their drumsticks or ukelele at any chance and who you can share a little Passion for Potter with. 

You also get to watch the ice break during the 7 days and the kids open up. Sure, they've played in band together for years, but do they really KNOW each other? Well, now they sure do! Though there were clusters of good friends in the bunch, there was so much crossing over sometimes you weren't really that sure. You'd pass a group together in the park and an hour they were all mixed up. Sometimes us chaperones were ditched for cooler people, sometimes there were 23 of us waiting in line together (Harry Potter!). And what about the one you thought was so shy and quiet, until she breaks out in a disco dance in the middle of dinner! Where did THAT come from?!

We had a pretty big percentage of kids who had never been to Florida before, and even a few that had never flown. It was just as exciting to share in the anticipation of the first timers as your own excitement knowing what was coming and couldn't wait!

Anyway, it truly was a blast and if any parents happen to read this - it was a treat to get to know your kids and be the chaperone for a week. If any of the kids read this, Thanks for an awesome week!!!! Let's do it again in 2 years!

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