Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In Florida!!

We arrived safely in Florida this afternoon after a very long day. Needing to be at the airport around 3am is not very fun! Some of us slept just enough to feel nasty and some didn't bother going to bed! The flight felt long, and though we needed some extra time, so did the 2.5+ hour layover in Toronto. All things considered, we were 33 people and had an almost hitch-free trip. No one got lost, no one left a passport on a bench and only two got airsickness. In their defence, it wasn't the smoothest of rides. 

A few in our group had never been on a plane and a shockingly high percentage of the kids had never been to Disney. It was so exciting for everyone - first timers because its all new and repeat visitors because they know what they're in for! 

I really only know a few of these kids and right off the bat I can tell they're a good bunch. No poor behaviour in the airport, no rowdiness on the plane (so much so that a friend at the back of the flight pointed out how good they were) and just a nice and kind group of kids! 

We landed and it was a quick and easy process to get our luggage and instruments and then onto the shuttle. It was so warm! 27 degrees. Sticky of course - but blizzard ing back home. The kids oohed and ahhed over palm trees and the "variation" in the trees, not just the one boring old type of tree back home! :) We we to the hotel, the Disney All Star Music and checked in. Again, another quick process (the organization of this all is for another post!). We had just enough time to throw luggage in the rooms, freshen up and we were back on the Disney shuttle for Downtown Disney. We ate at Planet Hollywood and then walked just long enough to check out a few shops and then get a massive rain dump and thunder showers - always exciting as thunder and lightening are quite rare back home. No one seemed to be in a "stroll through shops for hours" mood so we made the decision to head back early. Again, running through a heavy downpour when it's so warm out is sometimes part of the fun! Back at the hotel the pools were closed due to the lightening so some ball gloves came out and it was time to explore the resort. 

We ended the day with a quick sidewalk band meeting to discuss the rules of hotel etiquette and it was bedtime! All seems to be quiet and since we've been up about 21 hours lets hope they're all getting a good sleep. Another long day of fun tomorrow!!

I'm so excited about this week, the experiences they'll have and the memories they'll make! 

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