Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Heritage Festival (aka The Reason We're Here)

The Heritage Festival

Day 4 is a wrap. Today we got the bus at 7:30 to head in to the Heritage Festival venue. This was my first experience with a music festival like this and was really impressed with how the whole thing happened. 

Bands were ushered into a practise area while the band before took the stage. When it was your turn, you performed 2 or 3 pieces after which the adjudicators took a moment to mark. Then one adjudicator took the stage to "critique" the band's performance. They would get the band to go over parts of the music making some changes they thought would better the piece. They were very energetic, very knowledgable and I sure hope the students take the benefits from the experience. 

There was a break after our concert band performed and then the jazz band was up. When we were done we packed up and took off for the water park Wet and Wild. The sun came and went and a great day was had by all. 

At 7pm the park closed and a BBQ was served to all Heritage Festival attendees. After the BBQ,  awards were given out.

The festival is more for learning than for competition so each group is given a Gold, Silver or Bronze based solely on the adjudicators marks for their performance alone. If, within their category based on school size, there is more than one of the same 'colour' given THEN they're ranked. So you could receive a "silver second" or a "gold third" 

We were thrilled to receive two silver medals AND one of our jazz sax players received a single award for performance. 5 singled out players received awards out of 1000 kids. What an honour!!!

There was one other Canadian school there, from Quebec. It was a great experience, like the many vball tournaments I've attended - but for musicians! All the groups had worked hard, travelled far, given up a lot to be there and were so proud and excited! 
Next up - another day of fun at Universal Studios, HARRY POTTER - and then dinner at Hard Rock followed by the Blue Man Group! 

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