Friday, May 3, 2013

Why NOT Mexico?

I was in a gathering place of women today and as one mentioned her Cuban tan the talk amongst those close by turned to comparing the usual all-inclusive destinations. I do find it amazing what people can complain about - but that might be a whole other post... this post is about what happened when I mentioned that we had been to Mexico. As has become the usual response to us taking our kids there, it was "Oh! I am definitely NOT that brave!"When I think of 'brave' in regards to travel, I don't necessarily think of an all-inclusive where we left the resort 4 or 5 times!!

I think back to when we initially booked the trip and how many people were aghast that we were willing to take our kids there. Parents of the year, apparently putting our children's lives at risk for the sake of some surf, sun and sand.

There's two ways to look at this issue. 1) Don't leave your house 2) Be realistic. Have you looked at the North American news lately? Bombings, mall shootings, victim-suicides, rape and the list goes on. We may not have some of the issues Mexico has, but really, our news reporting is one step above a game of telephone. We get the worst of the worst and it gets contorted with each retelling, full of speculation and "they won't confirm but" Even living here, our friends and family on the far west coast will call worried about the massive storm that's been reported, one we've never heard of.

I've been to Mexico twice, once on each coast, and I believe it will remain one of my favourite spots to visit and I can't wait to have the chance to go back. I love the people, the colours, the food, the scenery. We never once felt unsafe and the benefits of what we learned there outweighed the scoffs and condescending comments we received from others. Yes, some bad things have happened there, but there have also been thousand upon thousand of happy tourists who have visited, been changed forever and left safe and sound.

Maybe you believe it's a risk to go there, maybe it's a risk to go to New York or LA or Montreal. Maybe you believe you just have to be smart while you travel. But why Mexico? Because as these ladies talked about how they never would go there, Mattea piped up about all her favourite parts. Remember climbing those pyramids? Remember swimming with those big fish? Remember the clear blue waves? Remember that great ice cream shop?

That's why Mexico. Calgon - take me away. (do I need permission to say that?)

NOTE: I was behind on the blog when we travelled there so I still haven't updated my Mexico post. Stay tuned - eventually I will

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