Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Fashion of Packing for Six - Second Stop: London

Though we haven't decided yet if we'll actually stay a spell in London, England it's to be considered on my packing journey because it's roughly halfway between the temps of Iceland and those of the UAE. Averaging 20 and 22 in June and July here, we'll actually get a bit of useable summer here. No hiding in the air conditioning and no layering in the chill. June may still be hit and miss in England but a light rain jacket and a pair of jeans will cover that. Much like here at home.

Why are we considering this stop? It may seem obvious that we should stop here. I, for one, have always wanted to visit London what with my fascination with Royalty, British music and their awesome clothes. However, Barton and Bridger were JUST there and also in the grand scheme of life, England is VERY easy to access from here in Newfoundland. A non-stop flight will get you there in just a smidge longer than going the other way to Toronto (it's true). So really, if I have the chance I might rather hit a different spot on this trip and take up a seat sale another year for a weekend in London. Something to consider.

R is considering though, the necessity of the grad dress very soon and how she might like to purchase that in England... ;)

Whether we leave the airport in England or carry on, no great lengths have to be taken to prep for a few days in this Capital of our Commonwealth.

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