Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Things First

Step one down!! Three of us needed Twinrix vaccinations (where the Hep B is already given in school, three only need Hep A) so M and I took a little trot off to the Doc where we got our first in the series. Twinrix is the combination of Hep A and B and is given three times. The second time is one month after the first and makes it effective. The third is about 6 months later as a booster. M was tough but doesn't like it that she has to go back!!!! The only other vaccinaton we'll get for this trip is the Yellow Fever which is currently the only vaccination made mandatory by the WHO for overseas travel. We'll have to go down to the travel clinic for that one unfortunately and pay through the nose. The other one they recommended was the rabies vaccine. Three shots each at $200 a shot - No thanks, I think we'll just tell them to stay away from dogs... We have time for those though, just needed to get this one under our belts. Sore arm today, but no big reactions. 

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