Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Diani Beach, African South Coast

When you think of a beach vacation or all inclusive resort, the South Coast of Africa is probably not the first place that pops into your mind! However, upon arriving in Mombassa and driving down to Diani Beach it was quickly apparent that the whole area was an incredible spot. The Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa was the perfect spot to wind down after nearly 4 weeks on the go. Our meals were fabulous, the beach was incredible and the people wonderful. We ate fresh mangos and protected our breakfast from sneaky monkeys. They knocked on our windows and stole our orange slices and toast. How can you get mad at those adorable creatures? 

You want white sand, clear blue water and snorkeling? This is the spot and it was HOT! (for us anyway!) We rested, rejuvenated and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Contrary to many hotels and all inclusive resorts, this one included a full three bedroom apartment with a huge private deck and living space. Using this and a regular room, all 9 of us were perfectly comfortable! 

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