Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2 Weeks to Orlando!

We had one of our last Band Parents Association meetings last night discussing the details of the senior high trip to Orlando on April 3rd. Now I'm super excited and so nervous!! I am responsible for 8 teens (grades 10-12) with 2 grade 9ers) while we're there... their money, their passports... yikes! The week-long trip is jammed packed, from performances in Downtown Disney and the Heritage Festival itself, to days in the parks, outings to the Kennedy Space Centre, Festival BBQs, Cocoa Beach, and of course, a little shopping! I am personally totally excited about the Harry Potter park!!! Wingardium Leviosa!!

We talked about what to include in a group first aid kit, what to make sure the kids have packed along, what we can pick up for the rooms (snacks etc) and how to make sure we have a safe and action filled trip! I for one am keeping my group on one of those preschool rope thingys... JK... sort of... 

I am SO looking forward to some sun! The last time we were in Florida we ran the Disney Half Marathon in their first dose of freezing rain in 30 years! Thanks for that! The forecast for next week is pretty warm, let's hope it holds out!

Been on a big school/group trip? Have tips? Let me know!

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