Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Thiessens Turn Ten!

I'm a little slow on the go with this update... but about a month ago (on February 19th) we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary! We always have a bit of a giggle when we think what we would have said if someone had told us that day that, in one decade we would be living in Newfoundland, with 4 kids and that Barton would still be in school. We would have laughed it off with a "yeah right!" Which brings me to the thought that if someone knocked on my door today and said "in 10 years you'll be..." I wonder what craziness they would tell me?

That being said, what a 10 years it has been! Hmmm, how many kids, degrees, moves and changes have we experienced? Too many to count! I know on our 7th anniversary I said that I hoped the next 7 would be less eventful than the previous... ha! Ah well, what would life be without change and disruption? We are definitely on a slower path than before and nearing the end of grade 25 for Barton. We've had a baby at each university site we've lived at - so I've told him NO MORE SCHOOL!

To celebrate our milestone we did a photo session with the wonderful and talented Charro Benteau of Atlantic Horizon Imaging. My parents were visiting at the time so we got them in on a few. Our family portraits have changed considerably over the years! My plan was to send out these photos and an update letter since I did a fairly shoddy job at our Christmas card/letter/picture. However, sadly this has not happened. Maybe I will eventually get this done. You can enjoy the photos through the slide show at the top right of this page (click on it for a larger set). And these blog updates will have to do as update letters...

On the 20th we had a party at home, because who can make it 10 years without the support of friends? We've been here in Newfoundland almost half of our married years so it seemed natural to share some time with those close to us. We enjoyed a delectable cake from Pam Hynes and an evening of wonderful food and conversation.

Our plan is to continue celebrating later this year and take a trip together this summer. With Barton's schooling the way it is right now, he's in no shape to enjoy a holiday, but once he's done we'll have lots to celebrate. His parents will be visiting midsummer so we will take advantage of that and steal away for a bit. It's always a hard decision though, where to go? We love to travel with the kids so choosing not to take them will be hard. Every time we come up with a possible location we have this, "oh, but we'd love to take the kids there..." moment. We'll figure it out or maybe do something big as a family, which would be just as much a celebration.
So, here's to 10 more! (well, hopefully more than that, but you know...)

PS - Our scanner doesn't want to work, maybe I can eventually get some wedding photos posted ;)


The Merry Band of Fife said...

Congratulations - we "turned" 10 last May and celebrated with a trip to Las Vegas. How is it possible that that much time has gone by?!

rhonda fast said...

10 years is a long time. They say the first 7 are the hardest married years and after that they just get better and better! So you guys have made it - eventfully - through what is considered the hardest time. That deserves a congratulations, a party, a cake, a vacation and whatever else you want to plan!

We love you guys! Congratulations on 10 years.