Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, we did make it all the way to Moncton!! It was a long day but we were ready to get on with things. We arrived in the evening and had a swim and snack. We definitely had our smallest room yet, but no one complained! In the morning we were late getting going but headed down to the Hopewell Rocks to see the tides. It was raining but we walked down to the lookouts and watched as the ride rolled in. Unfortunately we missed the super low tide and didn't get to walk around the ocean floor, but we did see it at it's highest.

While in Moncton we figured out that our plans for Halifax were not quite panning out so we decided to make a run for it and bump our ferry sailing up one day. We drove all the way to North Sydney and found a cute little motel close to the ferry terminal. We ate a really nice dinner there and had another swim. It's always worth finding a place with a pool as the kids can burn off some steam and get a good sleep. The bad side is you're always dealing with wet bathing suits!!!

We definitely had intended on camping more. We realize now that we should have ditched some of our superfluous belongings to make room for mattresses and pillows etc. The only problem with camping is you want to show up early enough to set up camp, but in the evening when everyone is getting sleepy and it cools off is always the best time to drive. We were always keen to push on a little more, so it would just end up that we'd show up somewhere at 10pm. Our plan for the next time (we'd go again if we moved and take more time to go one way) is to be more intentional with that.

The trip was quick and uneventful. New Brunswick is very beautiful so it was a lovely drive. It was cooler which is always nice for driving and ending at Cape Breton Island was gorgeous.

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