Sunday, June 15, 2008

3 To Go!

Well, we leave for BC in 3 days and arrive in 3 weeks... it's a bit twisted, really.

Riley left for St Pierre bright and early this morning. For those of you who did not know this, there is a French island just south of Newfoundland called 'Saint-Pierre and Miquelon'. From the cars and architecture to the voltage, Euro and language, it is France. It is very, very small! Every year in Riley's school, the grade 6 French Immersion class (and often some English students) go on a trip there to use their language skills. Now that grade 6 is the last year of elementary school it is also a great send-off for the kids moving on to junior high. The kids have been looking forward to this for year. Riley was so excited until yesterday when she started to get nervous! All of a sudden she really didn't want to go, but we worked it through. They take a very nice coach bus for 5 hours to the ferry terminal and then the ferry ride is 1.5 hours. I didn't get any calls and the phone tree just informed me that they have arrived in France safe and sound. Their time there is jammed packed with French activities and many, many croissants! (It's a good thing they'll be walking a lot!) They are to be arriving back on Wednesday evening and we'll leave early, meeting the bus at the junction of the main highway and the highway to the ferry. It will at least save Riley about 3 hours in the car.

Yesterday, in anticipation of the heat and humidity of the majority of our fine country, I hacked off all of my hair. Well I didn't, but Tara at the Hair Connection did. I've done it many times before, but it always takes awhile to get used to! The boys will also get a visit from Mr Clippers tomorrow. (it was supposed to be tonight, but, well, it didn't happen.)

Today I ran a bunch of mundane errands, those lame things that need to be done but take up so much of your valuable time. *sigh*. I also had fun putting together the work sheet binders I've made for the kids for the trip. Lots of Canada puzzles and activities as well as activities for each province. My hope is it will turn into a great memory book that some day they can open up and enjoy with fond memories, not memories of mom making them do 'homework' the whole way!

Tonight I am sorting and packing clothes, tomorrow is cleaning-the-van day (and maybe the fridge?). A friend has graciously offered to have the boys after school and with Barton and Riley out of town, it's just me and Mattea. (Any takers for her???;) She's really good and naps perfectly so hopefully I can do some power prepping throughout the day.

Speaking of sorting clothes, I guess it's calling me now.


Trish Mathison said...

Wow, sounds like an adventure. I love that you are blogging along the way!

rhonda said...

You guys are so brave! Can't wait to see you!