Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boys will be Boys

"Wow! It broke!!" "Do it again!"

Bridger, Nikolai and their two friends had just discovered the joy of shattering rock on rock.

There is a creek close to our home that reaches from the Torbay Wetlands to the ocean. Part way down its journey, the water falls over a sleek, wide rock into a pool that will eventually drain through the large rocks into the waves.

As boys will do they randomly started throwing rocks at this water fall and quickly discovered the satisfyingly shattering smash of the shale. Not only were they rewarded as the slices burst into pieces, but then the pieces would tumble down with the falling water, into the pool below.

I'm sure this fun could have lasted an hour but it would be a close vote as to whether this was as fun, more, or less fun than putting a stick in the top and following it to see how far it would float downstream. Oh to be the one who's stick makes it past all the falls, obstacles and traps right down to the ocean!

Mattea, always the mover and shaker, was getting cranky in the backpack, but with the warm sunny weather I did not want to be the one to call a time's up on the fun! Did I really have somewhere better to be? My housework wasn't going anywhere that's for sure. Luckily it wasn't I who had to call it quits, but the friends who hadn't told their parents where they were!

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