Friday, October 3, 2008

Bad Habits

I LOVE fabric stores. I can spend as much time (and money *cough*) in these stores as I can in paper stores and London Drugs. It's terrible. But I see, in a fabric store, the infinite possibilities for creativity and fun. I can picture making all the things I love, plus new things I've discovered with so many fun types of fabrics. Then there's the add-ons like ribbons and tassels and buttons... oh my! I also LOVE love love the East Indian fabric stores in BC, which I miss terribly (though I'm sure Barton and the bank account are quite happy with this).

So, I have this bad habit. I buy fabric that I love, with a fabulous project in mind, but then when I get home I don't have the heart to cut up the fabric! It's like hanging photos after you've freshly painted - it quite literally hurts. The result is a pile of fabric taking up room on a shelf which is a actually a little pile of unfinished projects staring at me day in and day out.

I have decided that this fall is project finishing time. I'm pretty sure I said that about last fall, but Mattea was pretty little back then so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Aside from the fabric is the scrapbooking... oh dear the scrapbooking! That's a whole other story.

Back to the fabric...

So I've come up with a few projects that will help me use up some of this fabric. I did make myself a skirt, and Riley wants one too. I made a few baby slings for friends and I'm covering those plastic travel wipes cases in fun designs. Last year I made a bunch of kid's aprons for birthday presents and I didn't use all of them so now I'm selling them. I think they're a tiny bit small now for the kid's friends so hopefully other people will be able to use them. I have a bunch of boyish fabric out of which I'm doing some more aprons (dinosaurs and stuff) and I really want to finish some cushion covers I intended on making ages ago.

This does mean that my spare evening time will be spent sewing but I'm really excited about some of the projects I'm doing and I really want to get them finished. But I do work while I work my way through Prison Break Season 3 while simultaneously watching Season 4 on Monday nights (How did they get...? Wha...? Where did...? Huh...?) At least the TV time isn't completely wasted! (thought I'm sure it takes me twice as long to finish the projects!!!)

What I really want though, is to buy a serger, so I'm looking for one I can afford. I have borrowed a serger to do a few projects that I sold and gave away because it makes it so much stronger and nicely finished. I would like to have my own because I hate borrowing things like that! Then I'd be able to make more 'serious' projects and make them more durable.

For the month of October I am making cute wipes cases that have a pink ribbon on them. They sell for $15, $3 of which will go to breast cancer research.

You can see the projects I'm working on here:

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Jacqueline said...

I can so relate to the piles of fabric and unfinished projects! I'm into scrapbooking too! I hope you will share some of your scrapbooking on your blog. Really nice projects you've made!